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The San Andreas Fault was born about 30 million years ago in California, when the Pacific Plate and the North America plate first met. Before then, another oceanic plate, ...

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Start studying Plate Tectonics 2. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. ... (San Andreas Fault) ... Science Final- 7th grade/Smith 30 Terms. cynthiakennemore. SCIENCE: Plate Tectonics 44 Terms. dancinggymnast52. Plate Tectonics 22 Terms. Drew_Skilton. 6th Grade Science - Plate Tectonics 19 Terms.

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San Andreas Fault Trail – A Self-Guided Earthquake Tour The San Andreas Fault Trail Los Trancos Open Space Preserve is an ideal spot to learn about earthquake geology because the San Andreas Fault, one of the world's longest and most active faults, splits the preserve. The San Andreas Fault Trail was built for visitors, with the hope

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The latter is described as having opened a great crack many miles in length. References to its location would fit fairly well for a part of the San Andreas Fault. In 1857, the massive Fort Tejon earthquake rocked the ground violently and ruptured the San Andreas Fault for 225 miles, from northwest of Parkfield, California, to San Bernardino.

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Nov 01, 2008· Two of the major plates meet at the coast of California; the Pacific Plate, under the ocean, is drifting slowly northwest, grinding along the margin of the North American Plate, to the east. Where they meet, the intense pressure of the collision creates an 800-mile-long fracture zone called the San Andreas …

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The San Andreas Fault is a transform plate boundary that separates the two largest plates in the world, the Pacific and North American plates. The oceanic Pacific plate, which includes Point Reyes, is slowly grinding to the northwest at about two inches per year in relation to the North American plate. This movement is responsible for the

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San Andreas Area History: Sheep Ranch. Outside of San Andreas is a charming little town called Sheep Ranch, once home to15 saloons, two churches and five gold mines, one of which was owned by William Randoph Hearst's father, George. Sheep farming was …

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The San Andreas is the "master" fault of an intricate fault network that cuts through rocks of the California coastal region. The entire San Andreas fault system is more than 800 miles long and extends to depths of at least 10 miles within the Earth.

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